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    Brushed 4tec with motor upgrade or 4tec VXL

    I'm looking to pick up a new RC, and a brushless 4tec is one of the options. Would it be better to buy the 4tec VXL from Traxxas, or buy the 4tec brushed, and purchase an aftermarket brushless motor and ESC. I am looking to maintain the stock speed of the VXL edition, or go faster. Would buying an aftermarket motor such as a Castle motor be a better bang for my buck?
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    I'm also considering a 4Tec...and, if I get one, I'll be going the brushed route. Traxxas vehicles are great...strong parts, huge selection of optional upgrades (I even used Traxxas parts on non-Traxxas vehicles), incredible 3rd-pay support...but, their electronics (mostly rebrands from who-knows-who) leave much to be desired. I wouldn't be planning on keeping the Traxxas electronics in for very long, so why spend the extra money.

    For the ESC, by going with Castle, Hobbywing, Tekin, or others, you open up far greater programming options. Also, while the VXL system is brushless, it is not sensored...going with other brands, you open up the sensored motor it's much easier to mix-n-match ESCs & motors - Castle ESC & Tekin motor, Tekin ESC & Team Powers motor, Hobbywing ESC & Fantom motor (my personal favorite).

    If you plan on socking with the Traxxas electronics, then your best bet...and best "bang for your buck" to get the VXL version. On the other hand, if you're already considering upgrading the electronics, you might as well save yourself some money, and get the brushed version. Best of all, while you're buying deciding what upgrade electronics you want a you can be enjoying the vehicle, learning its characteristics.

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