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    HELP Traxxas support 8s X temporary throttle loss

    I Have a 8s xmaxx That after installing a link wireless module im experiencing issues. The link updated the firmware and now when i drive it it has intermittent throttle loss. The loss is very brief and this happens all throughout a run. The batteries were fully charged, there is nothing draging or binding it just randomly will lose throttle. I know that this only started after i installed the link module. The first update had thie throttle glitch and the speedo was super inconsistant. The second update seems to have fixed the speedo issue but there is still the throttle issue. Please i would prefer someone from traxxas to contact me as i want to run the stock electronics but i have to be able to get this problem fixed.

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    Call Traxxas Support

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    This is just an open forum. Traxxas won’t contact you most likely by just posting you want them to call you. You’ll need to pick the phone up and call them as said in above post. But coming here and posting that they need to contact you is not the way to get help from traxxas. Possibly another forum member has had the same issue and can help you, other then that you will have to contact traxxas yourself.

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    The purpose of the Traxxas Online Community is to provide a place, free of charge, where Traxxas fans can exchange tips, tricks, ideas, information, and help other members. They can brag about their vehicle and share their enthusiasm for the hobby with others. Some of the benefits of the board include the ability to get help from other board members at all hours, a place to sell used Traxxas items, a place to make friends with similar interests, and the ability to find other Traxxas owners close by.

    The Traxxas Online Community is not a public message board in the sense that any and all content is allowed. It is a private online community that is heavily moderated to maintain a friendly, fun, family-oriented atmosphere. It is open to both children and adults. We reserve the right to remove any posts and any members that choose to disrupt the atmosphere we are trying to maintain.

    The Traxxas Online Community is not intended to be a substitute for Traxxas customer support. If you are having a problem or have questions about your Traxxas model call us first at 1-888-Traxxas or e-mail
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