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    Battery Weight Advice

    I recently purchased a 17.3 oz 8000 maH Zeee battery from Amazon for my 4x4 VXL. Pretty beastly battery. Before I use it, I'm would like to know if anybody has cautionary tales about using such a big, heavy battery in the Rustler ?


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    I've used a 7200mah 3S SMC lipo in my stampede 4x4 vxl (similar size/weight/components). It does make it land quite a bit harder than when I run my much lighter 5200mah 3S pack.

    The 7200mah are packs I made out of old 2S SMC packs. They are 6 cell (3S2P) and are pretty big.

    Top - SMC 7400mah 2S hard case
    Middle - Hobbystar 5200mah 3S soft pack
    Bottom - SMC 7200mah 3S "hard case" that I made

    I need to make a couple new ones as the 2 that I made are very old and one doesn't hold a charge well and takes forever to balance. They were made of packs that are now over 3 years old with a lot of cycles through them in my ERBE (2x2S), savage flux hp (2x2S), my stampede 4x4 vxl on 2S and converted eJato on 2S.

    I now run 3S or 6S is everything. I have 4 newer SMC 7400mah 2S packs that are a couple years old with a lot of life in them and I'll likely decommission the two I made and take those to make a couple more.
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