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    What would TRX6 classify as, C1 or C2

    I'm thinking of going down to Scale Nationals this year down in Vegas. I'm up in the bay area, but I'm fine with driving 9 hours. It is a bit late for me to get started with a new comp build, so I'm thinking of taking my TRX6.
    Would it qualify as C1 or C2, disregarding the size of the tires (that seems to be the only thing that stops a stock TRX6 from being C1)
    I've got a motor change and a servo change, a roof rack, a custom bed WITHOUT wheel wheels (is that a allowed?) and a winch I'm currently figuring out how to install.
    I would have just put my car in C2, but the roof rack and my plethora of accessories on it give the car a terrible center of gravity. (although a lot of people seem to be running hardbodies)
    So does my TRX6 qualify for both?, and if so, which should I enter mine in.
    I'm not looking for a serious comp, mainly just looking for fun to drive around.
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    You lucky bugger, I would love to, but Vegas is a 2-day hike from N. Idaho.

    It really depends on tire size. 4.19" is the max tire size for C1, 4.75" is max for C2. Keep in mind, that tire size goes by the official tire size put out by the manufacturer, and not by actually measuring the tire.

    I'd recommend taking a good look at the rules, and make sure everything works for the class you want to comp in.

    Nationals is a serious comp, and you'll likely have to pay $50-$75 per class to run. And, because it is nationals, the courses are going to be very tough.
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