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    Is it possible to put a 3 cell in my Rustler 4x4?

    I would like to upgrade to a 3s Lipo Battery, but when i go to the battery finder and click my car (Rustler 4x4 STANDARD), it only shows up to 2 cell batteries. Is it possible to put a 3s in my car or am i screwed?

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    If you have the brushed version then you cannot use it. There are 3s batteries that will fit but the ESC will go into over-voltage protection as it has a limit of 2s.
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    You'd need to upgrade to the Velineon ESC & motor (or completely change all electronics, as I've done) for 3S.

    Alternately, there's a much less-costly way to make the vehicle faster - change pinion and/or spur gears. Going with a smaller spur and/it larger pinion, will make the vehicle faster. In going that route, just make sure you have a way to check temps, as you don't want to kill the ESC, or motor, by overheating.

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    You canot run a standard brushed rustler on 3S without some modifications.

    The XL5 ESC will not work with more than a 2S Lipo. If you replace it with a 3S capable ESC however, you can use the rustler on 3S. That being said, the stock Titan 550 12T is not rated for 12.6 Volts. Assuming you want to stay brushed, you need the get the 21T Titan out of the old stampede.

    A better way to go for the same money would be one of the cheaper brushless motor and ESC combos from Amazon. There are systems for less than $70 that will drop right into the Rustler.

    One final thing to keep in mind: most of the cheaper Chinese brushless packs are rated around 3800kv or so. This is likely going to be much too high of a kv rating for 3S. If you want to go the cheaper brushless route, is recommend the 3674-2650kv geared at about 13/56. Best of luck.

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