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    Steering servo mount for Snap-On bronco question.

    I have the snap on bronco and the steering servo has the panhard bar mount as the same piece as the servo mount. Am i correct on this? STRC sent me a diagram, Traxxas of course, and it doesnt show them both as one piece. I bought the STRC servo mount but it looks like its not going to work. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.

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    Yes, you are correct. The Snap-on edition has the long arm lift kit and the servo mount includes the panhard bar mount:

    The stock Bronco has the panhard bar mount on the inner fender/wheel well. The STRC servo mount fits the standard version without the lift kit.
    I haven't seen an aftermarket aluminium servo mount for the lift kit, but someone else has to chime in on this.

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