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    How do I strengthen my car's lexan body?

    I've been running my TRX6 now for a while, and the magnetic mounts in the rear seem to like to mis-mount the body, making it bend slighty in a way. It's also really soft and looks like it could rip easily. I am looking for a good way to strengthen up my rc car's body. I have heard that drywall tape and shoe-goo works, but it leaves this weird finish where it's really hard to get mud and dirt off. Is there a better way? I am looking at Fiber Fix, which is a black tape like thing that hardens when cured with water (apparently it's as hard as steel). I am a bit afraid that it is a but too overkill and if I make a mistake I'll ruin the whole body. Should I go this way? I'll practice with the Fiber Fix on my banged up slash body, I don't really care if that thing gets warped, it is already anyways. What other methods do you guys use?
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    I have used the Flex Seal tape, it conforms to weird shapes and is very tough. I used it to reinforce cracked bodies and to protect the paint finish on the inside of the body from tire and nerf bar rubs.

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