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    Toe after Axle Carrier Install

    Hola everyone,

    Long time reader, first time poster...

    I recently tore my merv down pretty far for a good cleaning and overhaul (lots of worn joints). I replaced toe links, push rods, and bearings in the rocker arms with all Traxxas parts and then installed gpm axle carriers (the slop on the factory carriers got pretty excessive pretty quick).

    The toe on the front and the rear is pretty excessive, I have the balls threaded as far into the a-arms as I feel comfortable doing... but the toe is still so far out. I've been staring at this thing for a few days and am beside myself...

    Any ideas on what I goofed? Do the gpm lowers require adjustable toe links?

    (I can post photo's, but what is the preferred method these days?)

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    I had the same issue when I installed my rpm axel carriers. Since car normally doesn't have adjustable toe links.

    I did solve the issue but I'm fuzzy on how. I think I unscrewed the pillow balls in such a way that it was more aligned. Car does have a bit of toe in normally.

    For pic easiest is using Tapatalk app on phone.

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