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    What’s up with the “New Posts” page?

    I like going to the new posts page and browsing to see what everyone’s talking about. Sometimes you’ll go there and there is 5+ pages of new posts shown, and other times there are 5 posts, and anywhere in between. Why does the quantity of new posts shown on there fluctuate so much? For example I just clicked it and it only shows 8 threads, the oldest one being like 30 minutes old. Then other times there will be pages and pages of them, the oldest ones being a week or more old.

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    It could be based upon the cookies in your browser. I have found that I can read threads and then go back to the main page and it still shows new posts in that subforum - posts that I have read. If I click the "Mark Forums Read" then it clears it all.

    I don't know if there was an upgrade in the background to the forum but there has been a few things not right.
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