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    Cool Bulletproof Rusty Build

    So I have a Rustler XL5 that's been modded quite a bit. I'm looking to broaden my horizons for performance parts. Now alot of times looking for parts, I see a lot of Slash compatibility at least for the 2wd. I know the front ends are pretty much the same except body mounts and possibly shock tower I do beleive dont quote me on that. Also are the shocks longer for more travel? My main issue is what is the difference in the rear end? From A-arms, shocks, and what else besides shock tower and body mounts. Now my goal is to go 4s lipo. I'm running 3s lipo consistently with a 28/83 gearing 48P. Pics to come
    So far here is my list of mods for the "BULLETPROOFXL5"
    1.) RPM transmission housing W/full metal internals
    2.) RPM front/rear A-arms
    3.) RPM front bumper
    4.) RPM shock towers(front/rear)
    5.) RPM camber arms(front/rear)
    6.) RPM front bulkhead
    7.) Traxxas aluminum caster blocks
    8.) Traxxas aluminum steering bellcrank
    9.) Traxxas wheelie bar
    10.) Traxxas aluminum front hubs
    11.) Traxxas aluminum rear carriers
    12.) Traxxas big bore shocks
    13.) Protek bearings
    14.) Hobbywing max10 SCT ESC (2s-4s capable)
    15.) Hobbywing 3652 3300kv 4 pole
    16.) Hot Racing HD slipper system
    17.) Stock traxxas servo
    18.) Stock Traxxas axles
    19.) Stock front spindles
    20) Spektrum dx2e active tx
    21.) Spektrum 310 reciever
    22.) Upgraded to all allen/hex head bolts
    Think that's bout it as far as I can think for now...

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    Keep trying. I ended up using to host my pictures and it is pretty easy to post them here to the forum...but whatever site decide on it will get easier with experience.

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    Slash rear arms are slightly shorter and have more toe in. I assume you converted your XL5 to brushless already to be running 3s lipo? Try using IMGbb to upload pics.
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