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    That little FRW/REV servo....its outta here. 🤣

    I got the Revo 3.3 back together. Found out I lost the inboard motor mount screw. That's what took out the spur gear. Put some lock tight on both now.

    So I was tightening the servo arm and stripped the gears. I was holding the arm too. I ordered a Corona replacement. Read on the forums that was a decent servo. Metal gears too, about 10 bucks from hong kong. Also a replacement gear set so I can get it running waiting on the slow boat from China.

    Ordered about 125.00 in spare parts from Traxxas. Off to a decent start on my replacement parts. Also got 5 quarts of fuel. I'm going to stick with the Traxxas fuel. The fuel is working good for me. Why fix it if it ain't broke?

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