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    New X maxx 8S addicted owner

    Hi all,

    I'm new on this forum and new with the X maxx 8S. Went to the store got the one with orange colour (Dutch)...
    When I got it I replaced straight away the the origenal ESC for a Ezrun MAX5 and replaced the steering sensor to a Traxxas 2085X. I use 2x 4S 5500 LiPo batteries.

    It all runs very smooth so far no issues but I do like to get some advise what you guys would recommend to upgrade for better durability of this car.

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    And ofcourse I forgot the picture

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    And the inside

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    My Suggestions:

    1. Reinforce your body with Shoe Goo and Fibatape:

    2. Install DIY body savers or buy the Traxxas ones if they are not preinstalled - Video shows an E-Revo but the parts are the same:

    3. Install the RPM front and rear bumper support

    4. Buy a Traxxas Bluetooth module and configure it to alert at specific temperatures

    5. Make a hauler to carry it around:

    6. Have fun with it and replace parts as you go. This truck is a blast:

    Catch my videos at

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    The stock esc has been fine with me. I run my truck stock. If you have a problem with the truck you have traxxes.

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