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    Question 4-Tec VXL Steering Servo Inquiry

    When I turn my wheels all the way to the left, the servo is sticking and wont return to center. Turning to the right is OK. If I hit the throttle it will return or I have to manually return them to center.

    Can someone explain what the problem may be? Is it a gear issue?


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    Check the steering trim. Try turning off the TSM. Disconnect the servo to make sure that the steering moves freely from side to side. If not, lube the pivot points. If that doesn't help check the servo. Operate it left to right with steering disconnected to see if it centers it self.
    Most likely not a gear issue unless you hit something.
    If all these don't help try calling Traxxas. Maybe they'll warranty it. I just upgraded to a better servo.

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