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    Brushless 4tec, sensored or not sensored?

    I'm thinking of buying a 4tec VXL, or a brushed version then swapping it out for a sensored brushless. I'm planning to use it as a drifting and touring 2 in 1 car. The VXL version's motor is not sensored. Which way should I go and would a sensored motor make much of a difference?

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    I've heard brushed is best for drifting, but if you want to go brushless then use a sensored system to drift.

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    A brushed motor is probably the way to go. You don't really want the wheels to spin too fast during drifting, or it's going to be too hard to control. I tried drifting my 4 Tec with the stock titan motor, and I think it isn't really that bad for drifting. But of course, sensored brushless would also work (except it costs more than the car itself). It all depends on your driving style and how much money you are willing to put in, but if you are getting a sensored brushless, try to find a good one, because it is pretty expensive. Hope this helps!

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