Have a Slayer Pro, great truck, with the trx 3.3 that I'm quite happy with.
When I first got the truck I installed a pull start, as I've had problems with the EZ-start on other models, it worked for a long time, but one day the oneway bearing failed. When I got it apart it was locked onto the shaft, got it off, replaced with a new oneway bearing and pull start. Now back in the truck, but the tune is way of, adjusted again and again, but don't want to run right. I'll get the tune fair and run it 10-15 minutes and it'll stop and glowplug dead, yet it look like new. Yes I did go back to the traxxas recommend settings, it will run, but not that good then the glowplug die. I'm using traxxas glowplug and always run byron fuel.
I thought it was an air leak, took the engine apart and sealed it up, didn't help.
I did read allover that it's a bad tune when killing glowplug, but I never change the tune when I replaced the oneway bearing.
Ok, what do I look for now?