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    Finally Up and running!

    I bought a used MERV VXL a year or two ago... or 3, was beaten pretty bad. I think the only thing I didn't replace was the ESC/Motor, center transmission and the chassis.

    Finally took it out of the back of my office, took it all apart to reinspect everything (as I forgot what I had done previously) and to add some bearings that I had (for the cantilevers / Bellcranks - steering ones didn't fit so I didn't bother)

    Finally after rewiring the ESC to Deans and charging a 2S 2200 Mah batt I had bought 2-3 years ago, THEN spending honestly an hour figuring out how to bind the stupid receiver / controller (Spektrum DX3.0/SR3000 with 'easy bind' but I didn't have the manual nor did google help much), and realizing my first receiver was DoA, we were all good.

    Ran it in the house for a min to test things out, all seemed OK (pivot balls were too tight, limited steering, search on here cleared that up) went into the shop to try it out a bit more... Drove it for 30 seconds and the servo died Nother search on here (dim flickering red LED on ESC) unplug servo and everything ran fine, minus steering.

    Sooo Savox 0250mg will be here in a day or two and we will try again. Been a long road to get a 'mini' RC going so the Wife can learn, hah...

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    If new servo is not working once installed check batteries. That servo is what I run.

    It's a fun car. I can't wait for my 3s batteries to show up and see how much this thing flys.

    I got a used merv. It's been a awesome car. my old aftermarket Rx/tx died. Got a replacement used locally. Its a rocket on brushless.

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