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    Traxxas power amplifier wiring?

    Hi guys, I have a UDR and just got a new light kit.

    The issue I have is I'm not using the stock esc anymore. I decided to switch a hobby wing max6. Now my issue is this. The power amplifier connects to the side of the stock esc, my new esc doesn't have it.

    So I wanted to wire it up with a lipo. Does anyone know what wire is what/voltage so I can do this?

    how can I post pics?


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    As far as posting pics, I use to upload a photo to that website. Then I can copy the link to that photo and post it here so that the picture shows up on the forum. Those photo hosting sites usually require you to register, but it's free.

    The wiring question is a bit tougher. The UDR lights are pretty new, so I doubt anyone has torn into them enough to answer your questions.

    You might have more luck trying to figure out it out from the ESC side. And there are a few other trucks that use the VXL-6S, so you could probably cruise those forums and see if anyone knows. I think a version of the X-Maxx and the E-Revo use the VXL-6S. Those guys might know the wiring set-up for that port.

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    If you want to upload pics, Tapatalk is another way to go. Itís super easy and honestly, better than finding an image hosting site.

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