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Thread: Loss of power

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    Loss of power

    I've had mine for about 2 months now. It seems to have lost power. It doesn't really wheelie much any more. I went through all of the wheel bearings and rear diff. I didn't find anything though. I'm using the Traxxas 6s batteries.

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    I would check to insure that it is not in training mode first. One time, when I changed a spur gear, I did not remount the rubber cush drive correctly and it got all worn out of shape and my wheels had no drive at all. It acted as if it was going on half power.

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    Could also be your losing power to the front wheels. I know when my center diff was low, that's kind of how it felt. I had taken it apart and filled, it, but apparently not enough. Kind of tough getting that 20M "oil" in there right. Ended up using a torch on low heat to warm up the diff cup so the oil would settle, then added a bit more once it settled. Seemed ok the last time I ran it, but it was cold outside and I broke it before I got my second set of packs through it. Usually it would be ok for about a pack, then it would start unloading towards the front during my second set.

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