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    Cd & F/R diff ??ís

    On the center diff; I didnít some reading & understand how the cd works. But my question is how would it affect a build for speed runs? Also I donít see a lot of spur gear options for the CD or am I not looking in the right places. Iíd like something around 40-45t if I went with a CD. Iím not sure if there would be any advantages to it for flat out speed.

    On the F/R diffís; would the helical cut gears be better for speed?

    Sorry if all this sounds like newbie questions. When I was building cars a year ago I never messed with the diff at all.

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    The center diff is going to allow for the front and rear wheels to spin at different speeds. It's gonna change the dynamics of the vehicle when the tires are broken loose. The heavier the oil you use in the center diff, the more power is going to be transferred to the front end when the rear tires break loose. I'm thinking about putting one in my speed run Slash 4x4 to help make it less skiddish under power since with a regular slipper assembly if one axle has a spinning tire so does the other which makes it go into a 4 wheel drift ha ha.
    As far as the gear cuts I couldn't tell you first hand but in as far as engineering goes they cut gears like that for quiet and smooth engagement. I have stock diffs on all my Traxxas 4x4s.

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