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    Ruined 2 axle carriers on my E-Revo 2.0 and want to upgrade

    My outing at the skate park left me with 2 ruined axle carriers. I was thinking about getting some aluminum carriers, but I am curious what axle carriers have worked best for jumping and getting rowdy? Who has had success with their axle carriers and what are you running?

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    I have just been using stock but yet to break one.

    May look at rpm. If they have them. ( I have not looked) Rpm is what I upgrade to once I break the stock plastic parts on my other cars. Like a arms on Merv and the axel hub carriers on xmaxx

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    Is it cold where your running? Are you running stock tires?

    I run mine pretty hard and I'm surprised at how well it holds up. I've busted 1 or 2 stock axle carriers last season, but was usually on an awful landing that I didn't expect to drive away from.

    I run RPM on my nitro revos. If RPM was going to make a truetrack setup for the 2.0, I'd get that as I much prefer it over running turnbuckles in the rear. As it is, stock arms/carriers seem to be holding up pretty well for me and I'm not easy on it.
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