Hi i have a brand new lipo and it is around 1.5 years old and i have never used it but always watch it in winters and it was
Storage charged from fabric and has not dropped under 3.8 v /cell in the hole time.
So im thinking it was a good idea to make a new fresh storage charge when i recieved my lipo capacity checker with % check in it. So after storage charge it shows 11.49volt. ( first cell 3.830v) (second cell 3.828v) (third cell 3.830v) and 43% (it most be 50% what i reading on internet) so is this numbers good on my lipo?
My charger is ez peak plus. And i also have a nimh 9.6v 5000mah and made my second charge today in nimh mode and now it was very hot after charging 73c celsius and battery is bend.
My standard nimh 8.4volt 3000mah that the bandit came with is also bend and gets same temp while charging