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    Center Differential Kit

    I tried searching, but came up empty. Who uses the center differential and what are your thoughts? I have a new (VXL) merv that is going to be my use "anytime & anywhere" RC. I was thinking about installing a center diff to help prolong the front and rear diffs. But if it would drastically change the handling in the snow and ice (packed driveway) maybe hold off till spring? Install heavier fluid? I will be running 3s with 3.5" tires and right now 21/50 gearing. Or would I be better to save and install aluminum bulkheads.

    Also has anyone tried installing a Promodeler micro servo?
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    Adding shims to the front and rear diffs and being easy on the throttle helped the most for me. I tried upgrading the center differential and I felt it robbed power and top speed so I took it out.
    Here's a good read to help you decide.

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