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    My fast 1/10 rally build.

    Hi all, just want to document my build here.
    Currently I'm here;
    Deegan fiesta rally.
    Team Orion 3670 3700kv motor rated 3s
    Xr8 sct esc rated 4s
    Fastrax driveshafts
    Alloy centre shaft
    Slash 32dp slipper
    54t spur
    18t pinion

    I ran this setup today on 4s as it's sensored with thermal cut offs, hit cut off briefly twice and traxxas telemetry was going mental, saw 222mph at 129k rpm , obviously this is seriously wrong although all the car setup figures were correct... All I can assume is there's a threshold where the telemetry magnet becomes a blur?
    I know with this setup it's the fastest it's been tho.
    Only done this as the new motor is in the post.
    On 3s with a 14t pinion I hit 42mph gps verified with a weak esc.
    I reckon it was touching an unreliable 60mph today at least, wondering if the slash slipper needs tightening up and maybe that was giving wierd readings on the link?
    Was completely un driveable without tsm, ok with it on.

    Already bought awaiting arrival
    Alloy steering hubs and c cups plus the rear bearing carriers.
    Alloy motor mount
    Revo slipper parts
    17mm hex conversion
    17mm buggy road wheels and tyres 100mm that I will tape.
    Hobbywing 2600kv 4270 motor 1/8 4s
    50t spur
    22t pinion
    Should be good for 65mph on 4s (sound about right or will it be quicker?) and nice cool running. I will start at level 1 punch and see how it goes.

    Considering x01 diff parts but it's another 50 / 80$ here in the UK.
    I will get some videos up once it's all together.

    The 4s I was running was 2x 2s 5000mah 50c in tandem.

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    I would bet you were doing more around 50mph. Because over 50mph you will start to experience the front end lifting and possibly becoming airborne. The stampede/slash/rally/rustler all have this problem each with its own unique flare. The rally might be the one that can go the fastest before liftoff but it will still be around 50-55mph depending on if you are headed into the wind or not. Speedrunners have dozens of ways to combat this but without extensive effort and modification 50-55mph will be the likely limit.

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