Hi everyone,

I'm a bit confused and help would be appreciated.

I have two NiMH batteries: https://traxxas.com/products/parts/b...t-2/3a-1200mAh

Yesterday, I was running them in parallel and the car, after a good ride, started to slow down. No problem there, I thought the batteries had run out.

Out of my curiosity, I plugged them into a multimeter and they BOTH measured a surprising 7.7V! but... they are the traditional 6cell batteries... so they should measure 7.2V... right? I don't think I could be messing up the measure in the Multimeter...

Also, if they are showing these values, should't the car be running just fine? Or, if they are in parallel, can one be affecting the other?

I'm a bit lost in here...

Thanks in advance!