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    Error with EZ-Peak charger - flashing 1A and 4A LEDs


    We have the #2970 EZ-Peak Plus charger, and it has worked flawlessly on a couple different batteries for over a year. My son went to go charge his batteries yesterday, and the charger was stuck flashing the 1A and 4A LEDs and wouldn't charge. We tried different button sequences, unplugging it and plugging into different outlets, etc. to no avail. At one point he was able to get it to work briefly by having his NiMH battery plugged into the charger when he plugged the charger into the outlet, but after a short time it stopped and went back to the the flashing LEDs.

    The way the LEDs are flashing doesn't match any of the combinations in the "Charger Error Codes" section of the instruction manual, and we couldn't find any other mention of this particular sequence online:

    Has anyone seen this and can suggest any way to fix it?

    Thanks much!

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    I’m having the same issue with the ez peak dual with both traxxas Id batteries and non traxxas brand legacies. The 1a and 4a error code is abnormal power supply. I have no idea what that means but the only way to clear the error is to unplug and re plug the charger. Some people say you need to make sure everything is full seated on the plugs, and I have tried that but still got the error code.

    The only thing I have found that worked was switching from a balance charge to a fast charge and then it would charge the batteries. If you find the cause of your issue please let me know cause I would love to fix mine.

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    I found a warning code page that said the detected power input is unstable. I hope this helps

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    I had a similar issue with my dual charger. It might not be the charger. It could be the battery packs are damaged. Before I knew how finicky lipos can be, I didn't really take care of mine too well and eventually the charger would stop recognizing them and would give me the same error.

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