I am planning on selling my slash 4x4 because I need the money. Here’s the description:

This is my traxxas monster slash 4x4. I used it as a basher. It has 70 wt shock oil and 100k diff oil. It is fully upgraded. It runs perfectly, only spot of wear and tear is on the chassis/ skid plates, body, bumpers, and tires. Here are the upgrades:

Proline trencher 2.8 - $72
Proline badlands mx28- $72
Proline extended body mount kit- $17
RPM front shock tower- $10
x2 RPM A arms- $20
GPM rear diff case- $45
GPM rear shock tower- $17
x2 XO1 diffs- $50
MIP X duty rear axles- $70
MIP X duty front axles- $70
TRAXXAS front caster blocks- $40
TRAXXAS rear hubs- $20
TRAXXAS front and rear gtr shocks- $70
TRAXXAS e revo slipper clutch- $15
TRAXXAS slipper bearing adapter- $5
TRAXXAS e maxx body - $25
VG racing gtr springs- $15
Hot racing steering knuckles- $20
Hot racing aluminum motor mount- $30
Hot racing 17mm wheel adapter- $25
Hot racing 18t 32p pinion gear- $7
Bearings- $20
STRC steering bellcrank- $25
ANNIMOS 25 kg servo- $20
Hobbywing max 8 combo- $180
TEKNO center driveshaft- $20

That totals to $1025 dollars in upgrades. To determine the price I will divide that by two.

There are LOADS of spares I will be including with this car.

What would be an appropriate selling price for this? I was thinking 500-550. I didn’t even include the price of the actual car.