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    help with e revo slipping issue

    So I had owned the e revo 1/16 a couple years back and sold it, and just bought another one with a tackle box full of parts, all rpm parts. It has the castle esc, and castle 4600kv motor. I had it for 5 minutes and it fried the I believe it's the spur gear? The gear that grabs the clutch plate. Tore it all apart and it melted the plastic. I bought a new one and it has more of a fiber clutch material in it and it slips still, and has a buzzing noise like a gear. Any ideas what it is? I've tried everything I've torn the rear end out land checked the rear end and it seems good. The spur gear if you spin it by hand it grabs and turns the drive shaft just fine but when you Drive it has no power sound like a gear slipping, a d can't even lift the tires. Been messing with it for days so any help would be nice. Thanks

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    Have you tried to tighten the slipper clutch? If not, itís the small nut in front of the spur gear. You may have glazed the clutch pads. If tightening the slipper clutch doesnít work, check the clutch pads.

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