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    Throttle stuttering with new LIPO batteries

    I have a first gen e-Maxx with 2 stock 550 Titian motors an standard evx 3014 speed control. Truck was running fine with the 2 very weak 3300mh ni-mh batteries was just upgraded to 2 5000mh now glitches when I press throttle..only way it will get up to speed is if I BEARLY touch throttle an easy into really slow..thatís only in low gear, if I put it on high gear truck wonít move at all..are the batteries to much for speed controller or motors or both? Any help would be great thanks

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    Well first off the thread is in the wrong forum, but i have a solution. That speed control will not work with lipo batteries. the voltage is just too high. Use a Hobbywing quicrun wp880 they are about 30 bucks and will power two motors. the only other thing you will need is a y harness for the dual batts. That is what we had to do to our emaxx. Esc even has a fan and stays cool after hard bashing.

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