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    Upgrade to brushless

    Bought a brushed Merv to get started back into the hobby and something smaller for my son to learn to operate before going bigger. What brushless system would you guys put into yours. Do I go the Traxxas velinion route and which one bc Iíve seen the 380 and 3500 motors in others. Or would u recommend another brand like castle creations. Thank you

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    The nice thing about the traxxas stuff is you can give them your old motor/esc setup and they will discount the new brushless setup. I switched my stampede from brushed to the traxxas brushless velineon system and it’s been really good so far. For 100 bucks for the motor and esc it’s a pretty good deal. Everyone will have differing opinions though as far as motor/esc upgrades.

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    I went the 3500 route. Thing is a rocket on 3s. Wheelie bar is almost a must as it will do standing back flips. Hard to control on slick surface and hardpack clay.

    If do the smaller motor do need a different motor mount and spur gear cover.

    Smaller motor gets you a lower center of gravity.

    Probably want to shim your diffs. Things will start breaking more on brushless and 3s.

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