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    Non Traxxas Battery

    Hi all. I am wanting to use a couple of non Traxxas batteries in my Aton but canít find any Traxxas connectors to solder on. Are they available or is there another solution?

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    Most hobby shops ( online and local) carry them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by viewcart View Post
    Here's all the Traxxas brand batteries that will fit in your slash. While I understand you want to stay with Traxxas because of ID, it's really shooting yourself in the foot unless you already own the Traxxas ID charger or whatever it is. The reason I say that is because learning batteries and charging is relatively simple, so if you put, for example, a dean's connector on the Castle ESC, it's cheaper and easier to find LiPos that already have a dean's connector. Or swap dean's with whatever connector you prefer. When I put the Castle Sidewinder 3 in my Traxxas Rustler, I put a dean's connector on it and then when I bought a 5000mAh 2C Venom LiPo, it already had a connector converter that had a deans on it and it worked with no issues, plus, it works with the Venom charger I already had. So again, unless you have the ID charger and don't want to learn about batteries (if you prefer not to), then you are going to be paying roughly double what you would for other batteries elsewhere. If it's (for whatever reason) just the Traxxas connector you like you can get SMC batteries like Turkeymuffin mentioned that come with Traxxas connectors.
    This is the Traxxas Aton forum. Plus the OP was looking for battery ends not batteries.

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