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    What did I get myself into!?

    Haha, hey dudes and dudettes..
    I'm new to cars/trucks but have been RC for some time I. the air. Pretty much the same electronics, but I've been stumped.
    Since I've only ever been involved with LIPO, I'd like to know how much different this NIMH stuff is for this specific truck.
    So.. not [kidding] there I was, minding my own business, walking through the good will, when I stumble upon a TRAXXAS 4x4 for $20 on the shelf. Controller, SUV body, No batteries. Turns out it's the "old" Emaxx dual brushed motor and14.2v ECS. Who knew the batteries were going to be such a pain in the butt. I found a set of 6 cell 5000 NIMH batteries on offer up for $20, so I purchase those too. Figure, $40 isnt a terrible deal for this old stuff.

    Well batteries are DEAD and i spend $120 on a nice dual charger. I'm charging them (and cycling them) so I can test the car to see if it even works when I get home from work (in two days)
    UNFORTUNATELY I noticed that the 6cell batteries I bought at 12V... oops.
    Can I still use them? Or am I screwed... where do I find the 7.1V 6 cell (5000) batteries that I want for a decent price? (They're $65 each at the local hobby shop)

    Thanks for the help!
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    I believe an E-Maxx ESC would be 14.4V (nominal) not 14.2V.
    Is the ESC orange (EVX) or blue (EVX-2)?
    Alt-248 on the number pad =

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    Great goodwill deal!

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