I got the 4 Tec 2.0 chassis (brushed version) and decided to go with something unique for the body, something noticeable from the crowd. So I started searching through many different touring and drift car bodies. The first thing that I noticed was that many 4 Tec owners chose to go with classic American muscle cars such as the Camaro or Mustang, or cool supercars such as a Ferrari. Very few people went with well-known Japanese cars, such as the Nissan Skyline or Acura NSX. Although I really like the NSX, I wanted to have a car with a more exotic look. After browsing on eBay for some time, I came across a Honda Civic Type R body (seller did not specify, but I'm pretty sure its an FD-2). Since it also came with polycarbonate light buckets I decided that I have found the perfect body for my Traxxas 4 Tec 2.0 chassis. After I cut out and painted the body, I installed some LEDs on it to make it look even better. Here are a couple of pictures that I have taken of it (more pics coming soon!) :