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    Question Last Shock question I Promise. The rubber bumper.

    So i got all the dampners changed to 2, Filled all of the shocks everything is going great. I installed the shocks using the springs i got with my Integy shocks a while back it was 3 sets. Now the 3 sets are a little longer than the stock springs,if i were to guess like one whole coil. I like these longer springs i feel like they can take more weight and possibly keep the truck from bottoming out a bunch that was my plan. So i got the springs installed. the front of the truck i feel like is higher than the back of the truck. that is with all four shocks fully extended. The bumpers that are on the shocks do they have to be used.? The back end of my truck bottoms out easy and the front does not. This is with no pre load or anthing. I was going to take the front rubber bumper out and throw it on the back so it has 2 bumpers and then it wont bottom out. I apologize for my way of explaining things i truly stink at that. If one of you guys can sort of figure out what im saying and would like to do thanks for your time. Anyways have a great weekend guys and stay safe.

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    I think all 4 should have the stoppers. If rear end was missing them they may of broke and fell off.

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    You can try anything on your own truck! That's half the fun. I will say this though, it's not such a terrible thing that the chassis bottoms out. It's kinda designed to do that. But, again, my truck is my truck and set up how I want it to be. Your truck is your truck. Give it a go and see if that setup works for you. Let us know how it goes. What ever you do, just remember to keep having fun!

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    My only concern would be if you take the "bumpers" off the front shocks you might bottom out the shock and possibly damage it somehow (broken piston/ shock cap). I would suggest leaving them in front and find/buy "bumpers" or use a stack of orings that fit snugly on the shock shaft in the back. And by "2" are you talking piston hole size? Going to a thicker oil or smaller/less piston holes will help from bottoming out so easily too.

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