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    Broken Chassis plate Part #5523

    Order a bunch of Aluminum arms and hubs for my Jato. When I finished installing them. Turned on the TX & RX to check the steering was functioning correctly. Notice it was binding and locking up, turns out the front right mounting arm of the chassis plate was broken by the Servo and steering column causing it to get hung up.

    Weird because I didn’t have a crash, is this a common fail point in the chassis plate?

    I’m so disappointed it took ours modding the GPS rear arms to get them to lay right as the OEM arms have an indent to allow the arms to sit snug against the aluminum chassis. Had to cut and grind @ 1/4 off the arm brace & enlarged the holes so the mounting pins would fit! Gotta love Dremel’s!!!!!

    Can’t be in this hobby with out one!

    Now I have to break down the whole truck to install a new chassis plate-
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