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    FPV camera & goggles

    Hi guys,

    Has anyone tried something like this?

    How did you fix the camera to the car? Is the camera powered by the car or does it have its own battery?


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    In a quick look at the vid. You would want to use a dedicated battery. As looks as camera wanting 3.7v just from the battery on vid. It will depend on available camera input voltage if you can use the cars battery. But cars battery voltage is more than 3.7v. I personally would not tap into the Ballance lead. All depends on camera voltage input specs.

    If not going bash with it can mount anywhere. If i was to go jumping hard, or a good chance of crashing, I would put on windsheld somehow. Or behind a bumper or somewhere it would be protected in a roll over. Or find or make a protective case for it.

    screws or double sided sticky tap. Or something to mount. This all depends on what camera has available as mounting options and where it is to be put...

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