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Thread: V1 or 2.0?

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    V1 or 2.0?

    I have a erevo the older one.

    Is it worth keeping or should I try getting a 2.0?

    Should I purchase a roller 2.0 from online and swap my electronics then get rid of the older erevo?

    If I decide to keep the older erevo where can I purchase replacement parts for when things break.

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    If you want to stick with 4S, the old one was fine. I did your second option, bought a roller and transferred what I could.

    Changing to a 2.0 made me love the truck again. After I started running 6S in my outcast and savage, the erevo just sat. Then I decided to get the 2.0 roller and move my stuff over to it. Even with stock arms/axle carriers, it held up far better than the v1 did structurally.

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    The 2.0 is far superior. Just the upgraded driveline alone is worth it.

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    I just bought a new 2.0 silder off of Ebay when I broke the chassis and bulkhead on my 1.0. The cost of new parts and time made this decision worth it to me. I had also been looking to upgrade since the new one came out. I purchased my 1.0 used the spring prior to the 2.0 coming out.

    I'm going to run it for the first time tomorrow.

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    This is the route I went. Olds97 helped me with his knowledge on the erevo. I havenít been able to run it much, it has been raining an insane amount down here in the south. This week has been pretty nice, waiting for the areas I run to dry out.

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    i have both and agree; the 2.0 is superior for the driveline alone. From the mod 1 gears to the beefier driveshafts and diffs. My ERBE is now for my kids who i'm trying to get into the hobby. Not as easy but with the castlelink i dialed the power down to 15% which is plenty for them on 6S. Not just the driveline; there are other benefits too

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