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    good tires for 6s running?

    my summit has a 6s castle system . i been doing light crawling and moderate jumping with my summit .it will also run 40mph on the stock gearing .
    all this said the stock canyon tires are already ripping . i seen a couple tears on the sidewalls on a couple tires .they also flex too much during hard running .

    i know these are made for crawling and they do that well .but i need a stiffer tire for what i am doing .

    thinking about mudslingers. i hear they fit the stock rims? that correct?

    what else would you recommend ? remember i need a stiffer compound .thanks

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    Backflip lp

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    Backflips are nice tires, designed more so for bashing and they have grip for days. They would work well for your light bashing, but probably not so well for crawling. Look at trying to get some new crawling tires and a set of tires for your jumping sessions.

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    I'm running 6 S too
    trencher 40 series (discontinued as usual with proline...) on axial oversized wheels
    good grip, good for bashing, but not the better for crawling...
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