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    Merv Castle Sidewinder

    A few questions, I want to use the Velineon motor with the SV3 controller to manage 2 x 3s in Parallel without burning ESC.

    I should get a temp gun .

    I'm already pushing things with the 3s, have aluminium driveshafts, knuckles, rpm arms.

    I'm want to run conservatively enough to avoid overheating the motor when bashing. What pinion do you recommend? 18T? 15T?


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    Id also be willing to add a temp sensor and thermal cutoff for the MOTOR to the SW3 if I can find a good way to add one.

    My Rust4r has a motor overtemp cutoff because I run a sensored motor. Can I add one to the castle esc and veleneon motor?

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    Get a temp gun...
    And just keep a eye on temps and then gear as needed.

    I run 23t pinion. On 3s. Don't remember what my spur gear is. May be 45ish? I honestly have not checked temps while bashing other than the finger test. I should start temp testing some...

    But gotta get her fixed up first think I trashed a diff.

    I don't know enough about your esc.
    A temp sensor may work with it. But depends on how your reading that.. via phone app? Digital read out on car? What's your rx your using?

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