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    E-Revo 2.0 or xmaxx

    So I just sold my 4 wheeler tonight and Iím really having a decision problem here. Which one should I buy. I like speed which the revo can definitely meet, also it is good for bashing. But I do like the size of the xmaxx. Good on speed, and itís good for bashing needs. Man this is hard. Put ur comments down below. Thanks. Iíll let u know what I choose

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    Go Xmaxx if bashing
    Go erevo if track racing or street only.

    I have both. I bash only. Got erevo about 1.5y ago... found a rarly used almost new xmaxx for a good price about 2 to 3 months ago...

    At least where my cars sit now. Xmaxx is faster. Link app says xmaxx about 3mph faster but can't program in correct tires size on revo. But side by side racing down the grass feild. Xmaxx wins all day long in speed, and punch. Both on stock gearing.

    Downsides. Xmaxx costs more. In the rig, and batteries, parts. 2x 9400mha 4s smc batteries about $200. 2x 5000mha 3s 100$ xmaxx parts cost about 1.5 times more than A revo part. They are bigger ect... Tires cost a **** of a lot more...

    I can't run my xmaxx at the only dirt rc track, and the only indoor tracks I've found so far no xmaxx... But don't think erevo can do inside tracks either....

    If only have a small yard to run in. Erevo. Both want space to run but xmaxx even more.

    Want fields with tall grass. Farm land, big chunky terrain. Bmx tracks Xmaxx..

    Xmaxx gets bigger air...

    Xmaxx easier to work on, easier to access things... 9 screws and a diff is out. 4 for the skid plate 5 for diff cover. Revo is about a whole tear down To get to diffs....

    Erevo needs suspension straps and rear chassis brace out of the box IMHO to keep from pulling rod ends. And body savers. Then a servo , motor fan or temp sensor. Stiffer springs and oil. Rpm a-arms. In last 1.5y I've broken rod ends, tie rods, a arms wheels, servos, rockers, springs, ecs connectors, spur gears, motor bearings, drive cups, skid plates, diff housings,

    Xmaxx needs nothing as long as your not full sending it at a skate park ect. Took me a while to finally break something on xmaxx. Where revo went home broken most times. But then I did go through about 4 a-arms on the xmaxx in about 2 weeks,then a wheel hub bearing and a chassis top brace, bent shock, servo... and trashed body But my xmaxx thought it had wings....

    if want to keep body nice need to do body redistricting mod before getting any body cracks.

    On xmaxx I just put on rpm a-arms, rpm rear hub carriers, rpm pins, shock guards, stiffer springs and oil, 2085x servo 500k diff oil. I just finished putting these in today so will see how it holds up now when it's with the birds.

    If you do to the erevo route for bashing it does well. I have fun with it. Just xmaxx is my go to car now.

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    I have both, I use the revo the most. Cheaper to repair, cheaper on batteries, and better handling.

    The Xmaxx is a blast and I'll probably never sell it but overall I like the erevo 2.0 better. Compare the old erevo and the xmaxx would be my most used.

    All depends on your terrain too. I'll fool around with my erevo on the local track and my xmaxx I'll take to the motocross track when no one is there.

    Both are great but the xmaxx will make your wallet lighter, but it's a blast if you have access to gravel and sand quarry

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    I have both and I have the Maxx if you're not worried about price IMO the X-Maxx is way more fun than the 2.0 its way tougher, gets bigger air, and is more fun to drive. The beast just drives over anything in your way it is just such a blast.

    Pros of the Xmaxx:
    Massive power
    Great durability
    It's HUGE!!!
    Easy to work on
    In my opinion, it looks cooler
    It's HUGE!!! (which makes it hard to transport and store)
    It's very expensive but since its so tough you won't spend a lot on parts.
    When parts do break they are expensive.
    The body gets destroyed very easily. (but a shoe goo and fiba tape treatment with body retainers will mostly fix that)

    Pros of the 2.0:
    Handles better
    It's mid-size so it isn't too hard to transport or store
    It's faster if you gear it up

    Not super durable I know this will cause debate but I turned my 2.0 into a streetcar because of how much it broke.
    That's actually my biggest knock on the 2.0 I just like durable cars and if it's not durable I don't like it very much.

    Remember this is all our opinion ignore what is just fanboying and choose whichever car makes you most excited to receive that big box on your front porch.
    Have fun with whatever you pick and everyone stay healthy and safe.
    His Glory Alone all the way to the grave.

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