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Thread: Li-Po Advice?

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    Li-Po Advice?

    Hello, I'm new to this hobby i have a Taxxas slash 2wd Valentino Rossi edition and i'm looking for a LiPo since i'm young i don't have a big budget could i use it and is it good?
    Here's the link to the Lipo:

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    1: Do you have the brushed or brushless version? If brushed then the max you can go is a 2s battery.
    2: For the price there are much better & proven batteries that will give you twice as much run time as those at less of a cost.
    3: Do not go with a battery that uses an adapter from one plug to another - they cause current and heat problems. Buy a battery that has a plug to fit what you are running.
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    50c or higher the better
    Search on eBay 5000mah 50c 3s lipo traxxas plug

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