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    Traxxas part number #6541 help with soldering!


    Iím going to try to make this not very confusing. Basically, the part listed above is a power tap that traxxas made to make it easier to install the on board temp gauge if youíre not very interested in modifications.

    I am taking the positive lead from the part I bought and want to solder the wire to the positive of the plug currently on my car to eliminate all of the adapters traxxas wants me to buy.

    The soldering tool I am using is at least 50+ years old and the issue I am having is I cannot melt the solder and also the solder I have (basic electrical solder) wonít even adhere to the copper connector. Am I in need of a new gun and or different solder? Any tips?

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    Sounds like it’s not getting hot enough

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