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    Slayer Pro Servo Issues

    Hey whats up fellas, I just recently upgraded my Slayer Pro steering servo with a Savox SW-1211SG. It works great however when the wheels are fully turned either right or left the acceleration/braking servo doesn't work. It only does this when the wheels are fully turned, turned partially or less and everything works fine. Is this servo causing a brown out when fully engaged? Is there any options to be able to put 7.4v to the servo? I know its only a 6v 1200 mAh reciever battery pack powering everything so maybe I can install a 7.4v battery and upgrade the other servo to hv.......idk? I don't like putting 7.4v throught the RX so maybe an adjustable BEC to the RX in that case? If anyone has any ideas or advice I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks a lot guys.

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    Savox are power hungry so you may be able to put in a glitch buster to help. Or get a servo that puts out good power without the battery drain (I currently use a Promodeler).

    A fully charged 5 cell nimh pack may be around 7v but will stay a constant 1.2v/cell (6v) until dead. Long ago I've heard that Traxxas receivers don't like high voltages but I haven't tried pushing anything more than a receiver pack at full capacity.
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    Is the servo binding at full turn? Sounds like the servo is trying to push the steering linkage farther then what it can do, causing the servo to stop before it reaches its signaled stop, cuasing a high amp draw. With the front off the ground, turn full left/right, and watch the servo horn and listen to it. It should sound the same full turn as it does half turn. Try turning down the steering dual rate, or if you can, set the endpoints.

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