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    Rustler CVD Question

    This is my first post so hello. New to RC for about a month now but am truly addicted and have been scouring these threads. So I have a Rustler 4x4 VXL I got about 3 weeks ago and love it. I have put on big bore shocks with 70w oil when I broke the ultra. Got 2.8 trenchers and slightly raised the suspension and geared it down with a 9T pinion. Then I ripped my driveshaft apart on the inner joint where it goes into the drivetrain. So now an upgrade is due.

    Question is what is the difference between TRA6852r and TRA6452? It appears it’s just a 6mm axle stub on the 6452 and 5mm on the 6852? Is the steel spline the same? So could potentially upgrade to the 6mm stub which is TRA6454 down the road if that becomes an issue? And pretty much just have XO1 driveshafts is what I take of it.
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