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    What KV motor for 1/0 scale rally

    Im getting a brushless upgrade for my 1/10 rally car. What KV motor should I get?

    I'm running it on 3s and I want pretty a good top speed, without being undriveable or overheat quickly. The lowest I can find right now is a Castle Mamba X 1406-4600Kv motor, which I feel like is too high. There's a 3800Kv castle 1406-3800, but that's currently out of stock and I don't really want to wait 1+ months for a motor.

    Do you guys have recommendations?, and what motor should I get?

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    I'm running the Castle sidewinder SCT edition ESC and 1410 3800kv motor and it rips. Perfect for on and off road rally runs.

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    I am pretty sure most of the 1/10 rally are 4x4 so if going with a castle motor I wouldn't go smaller than the 1410 can with a kv somewhere between 3400-4600. Outside of that range you might have trouble compensating with gearing.

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