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Thread: Gtr shocks

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    Gtr shocks

    Anyone have part numbers for thr gtr shocks for my 2wd slash. Thank you

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    Seeing that you spammed the forum with the same question in multiple spots and the other saying it is for a Nitro Slash... Take a look at the exploded views of each and you will see that the nitro and electric 2wd Slashes share the same shocks. And these will accept the GTR's that are found on the Slash 4x4 Platinum and Ultimate. I don't have the numbers readily available but going through the Support button above will get you there.
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    I have seen them in black and blue, black are 7461X fronts, 7462X rears. The blue are the same part # but drop the X. Double check these part #'s before ordering! Also they do not come with springs. The only way to get them with springs would be a ebay chop shop. GTR spring come in a wide variety of tensions. Make sure you do not buy GTR shocks/springs for a Revo/Slayer, they are much shorter.

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