Hey whats up guys, I just blew up my 3.3 in my Slayer Pro and I need outside opinions on my next move. Send my engine to traxxas through the Power Up Program and get a stock replacement or go aftermarket. I'm leaning towards a stock replacement due to already having the losi 3.4 carb, Robinson Racing 15T Bell and a THS pipe that works well. Other then that my truck is stock (except for the Proline SC wheels) so I am limited without upgrading the driveline which I'm not really looking to do. Also If I keep the stock 3.3, should I upgrade the clutch? I have been getting conflicting info on that subject, some state the stock clutch is almost as good as it gets and other say to upgrade? Hopefully I can get some unbiased feedback here from a honest enthusiast. I appreciate any help. Thank you.