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    Question about purchasing new Rustler

    I just had a few questions about the Rustler electric rc.

    On the website there is a $169.99 version of the car that doesn't include a battery or a charger.

    The next step up of the Rustler is $209.99 and looks like it comes with a car charger and Nimh battery.

    I was wanting to use a Lipo battery instead of a Nimh battery and the EZ-Peak Plus charger instead of the DC car charger.

    So my question is does the Lipo battery require a special adapter? The 209.99 says it's ID battery ready so if I buy the 169.99 version and buy the lipo battery plus the charger will I be able to plug a Lipo battery into the car right from the box?

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    No adapter is needed. Just make sure the esc is in lipo mode (red light nimh mode, green light lipo mode). Just make sure battery you purchase has traxxas connector.

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    Your post is under Rustler 4x4. The two prices you quote are for the 2wd models. The 4x4 is $319 and the 4x4VXL is $379.

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