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    Question ESC Help - Sort Of!

    Hi Guys,

    Totally new on here (1st post!) and new to the Traxxas family as well.
    Here is my story:
    Just bought a used Prerunner for dirt cheap ($40 CAD) knowing it was faulty. The seller told me the battery had died. So I picked up a new battery and plugged it in. The ESC comes on, steady green light. The front wheels turn left and right, but the motor won't go at all (I plugged it directly on the battery and it works fine). It seems my issue is actually the ESC. I found a new one online for 80$ CAD - the Traxxas 3045R.
    Since this would cost more than twice what I paid for the Prerunner, I was wondering if there were some other ESC options out there, without having to change anything else. I tried searching but all I could find were brushless upgrades. Also, all the stores are closed due to the Covid-19 so I can't get this checked by a tech.
    Thanks for your help!

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    The teton has lifetime warranty on electronics, but I'm not sure if that's transferable to new owners?

    If you have confirmed that you have power coming out of the ESC then I would do a voltage drop test at the motor to make sure there isn't high resistance between the two. If you have a volt meter I can walk you though it.

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