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    Question Traxxas 1/16 Summit VXL - is it good or bad

    Should I get a Summit VXL I got a 1/16 e-Revo VXL and it's not very good off-roading especially in snow or very good at jumping (it brakes to easy).

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    If you're looking for something to handle off-roading and snow, why not look a little larger (e.g. the Stampede)? Or are you set on the 1/16th trucks?
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    I used to have a mini erevo and I just got the brushed mini summit, and the handling offroad is substantially better than the mini e revo IMO. My backyard is all gravel and my front yard is medium sized smooth rock piles, and the mini summit has yet to legit get stuck anywhere. The mini revo I was always freeing from tall grass or odd shape rocks, so it seemed.

    Haven't tackled snow or mud yet, but the tires and ride height do it wonders over the mini revo when it comes to capability. And honestly the mini summit handles much better than I had anticipated. It will still roll over if you hit the brakes and turn too much or just turn too much in general, but it does it less than I expected. I definitely don't spend a lot of time flipping it over going over the rock piles at speed.

    Also haven't jumped it yet, but even on the shop table, the suspension feels much more ready to absorb jumps than the mini revo. I can drop the truck from a higher height without bottoming out than the mini revo after some thicker oil. I run 45wt because my mini summit is an FPV rig, but those long travel rockers, thick tires with bigger foam inserts, and some thicker shock oil make it feel much more ready to do jumps.

    Hope this helps. TLDR, I was pleasantly surprised at the capabilities of the mini summit.

    Side note, how come the mini summit VXL isn't on the traxxas model page anymore? Discontinued? They only have the brushed one that I just bought.

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