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    Can too high of a KV motor fry an ESC?

    Hey all! I'm getting back into the hobby after a couple years hiatus. I bought a used Stampede 4x4 for general bashing around. I was super pumped to go out and give it a drive, but not 10 minutes into it the magic smoke came rising from the truck. I was running on 3s, but wasn't giving it full throttle or doing speed runs. Previous owner had a 4900kv Duratrax motor installed with a VXL-3S ESC. I know this motor is begging for heat temp issues in a p4de and is not really a good fit for the truck. I plan on switching it out asap. But I just want to know what killed my ESC. Was it the Motor? 3s? (I wouldnt think so, the esc is rated for it) Manufacture defect? Also any motor suggestions that wont break the bank would be awesome! thanks!

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    Probably too high of kv pulling too many amps through the esc. Surprised it didn't just overheat it and thermal on you vs blowing smoke. I haven't had the vxl-3s/3500kv system in mine for quite some time. When I did, I was running 2S and it liked to run hot.

    I have now have a 3100kv 3665 motor in it with a blx185 (150A 1/8th esc) in it and run 3S. I replaced the chassis with a slash 4x4 chassis to help with handling and to give me more room for electronics. I may bump it up to a 3674 2600kv motor... will see how the current setup does as it warms up outside. Had it's first bash last week in 60F temps and it did great! The chassis made it handle jumps soooo much better and I'm pretty sure I was WOT 75% of the time, just because I could!

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